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FIX MARIN lashing on sea

FIX is a modern cargo securing system designed for lashing of cargo on flats, bolsters, cassettes and other load carriers. Compared to traditional methods, FIX makes lashing easier, faster and safer. The system is equally well suited for cold nordic conditions as for tropical heat. It keeps the goods in place also under difficult weather conditions.

Fix Road
Fix Strap
FIX Control

All in one

FIX makes lashing and unfastening more efficient. Since the lashing cover consists of a single piece it is easy to apply. The cover shapes tightly over the cargo, supporting it from all directions. This also makes it easy to lash irregularly shaped goods. Lashing work is carried out at floor level, which reduces the risk for accidents. To undo the lashing, the lashing straps are released and FIX is simply drawn off the cargo and folded away.


Copes with high loads

FIX has been used for several years, and it has proved its advantages. The cover is gentle to the cargo even in difficult conditions since the lashing force is distributed evenly over entire cargo surface, not only with straps and corner protections as in traditional lashing methods. It does not slip off the goods as may happen with straps and corner protections. Thanks to being soft and easily formable, the cover does not damage the cargo.

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Many advantages

• Easy and fast to use

• Soft and easily formable also in harsh cold weather

• High strength material with UV-protection

• Does not damage the cargo

• Protects against rain and dirt

• Makes corner protections unnecessary

• Low weight: a medium-sized cover weighs approximately 40 kg

• Long life time in difficult conditions

• Promotional material can be printed or sewed on.

• DEKRA-approved

Many versions

FIX RORO for cassettes, flats and bolsters, lengths adjusted for 20, 30, 40 and 45”.

FIX STOW for stowing cargo against bulkheads etc.

FIX CONT for stowing cargo in containers

Download broshure

Download users manual


Here a link to an old article, still valid except that the product name is FIX MARINE, not Wisa Fix or Walki Fix.