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FIX ROAD Cargo securing

FIX Cargo Securing System consists of a resistant cover suspended from the trailer ceiling with rubber straps. The cover runs in rails mounted to the ceiling, making it easy to pull over the goods and eliminating the need to climb on top of the cargo to place lashing straps and corner protectors.

Fix Marine
Fix Strap
FIX Control

FIX Cargo Securing System has been tested several times by indipendent organisations. Test are done in full scale with fully loaded trucks. In those tests different lashing methods have been tested in emergency breaking situations and driving in curves. Emergency breaking from 20km/h with full load of polyproplen in bags and in oktabines can bee seen here . Note how bags move permanently. When the cargo is fixed with FIX, it behavies like one solid piece, not like individual pallets. FIX devides the pressure caused by lashing evenly over the total surface, therefore the pressure in any single point is below the level that causes damage to the packaging, unlike when the lashing is done with lines. DEKRA in Germany has tested and approved FIX load securing system from lashing point of view. Have a look at test report here.

HSE in England has also tested FIX pointing out personal safety and work related issues. FIX load securing system got best points of all load securing methods. Have a look at test video.

Inclination tests acc. to EN12195-1:2010 have also been done, here one demonstration with a strap maker Hacklift Oy. The video is over 3 minutes long and you can jump to 2:38 to see FIX in action.


borshure page 1, broshure page 2

See video of full scale emergency braking test without and with FIX here.

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