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FIX STRAP ingeniously easy

FIX STRAP (pat.pend.) is a simple, but brilliant solution for the use of cargo straps. With FIX STRAP the cargo strap is hanging in suspension lines from rails in the trailer ceiling.

Fix Road
Fix Marine
FIX Control

The hook on one end of the cargo strap is pulled down and attached to a lashing point. Thanks to the rubber suspension the hook stays attached. After the loading the cargo strap is pulled down over the cargo, just as a regular cargo strap.



 Here a link to gallery.

The attachment points of the suspension lines on the cargo strap consist of one sewn, un-adjustable point and another fully adjustable point. The sewn attachment point can run through the adjustable point, which makes FIX STRAP suitable for securing even very low cargo.

Since the suspension lines run in rails in the ceiling it is easy to pull the cargo strap where it is needed in the trailer.


- eliminates the need to throw the cargo straps over the cargo

- easy to move the suspension in the rails

- saves time at loading and unloading 

- straps stay clean

- the claw hook stays in place while cargo is not yet secured, no need to place the hook afterwards

- easy and secure

 In the United Kingdom RHA has released a load restraint Guidance for Exsisting Double-deck Trailers. The guidance is about load securing with ratchet straps and weight of pallets placed on different decks. Here a picture about proper straps for a double-deck trailer.

 See demo video here.

Download broshure 

Download Download Users manual  and mounting instructions here.